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What is coaching?

Manifesting potential. Shining a light into the festering recesses of our existence and having a good poke around. Using a sounding board. Generating positivity. Exploring the unthinkable. Stretching yourself.

What is coaching?Our brains can only deal with a few issues at a time. We tend to dismiss non-urgent things (even if they are important) and deal with the pressing tasks that will get us through today. Neglecting those important areas always catches up with us, resulting in overwhelm, underperformance, disappointment and frustration.

Coaching allows us access to those important issues that are frequently drowned out by everyday life. Your coach will help you audit this information and separate it into manageable chunks.

A great coach will support you as you face matters that you are least able (and least likely) to contemplate.

Once you’ve worked out what’s going on, you will decide what you’re going to do about it. A great coach will support you to take action, whether that’s on improving your interview technique, bolstering your interview skills, performing better at work, or striving for a better life in general.

After all, the secret of success is the difference between knowing (what we should do) and doing it. How does coaching work?

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How does coaching work?

How does it work?

Once you’ve found a coach you feel comfortable with, you will agree on a session plan and commit to the process. Coaching will not work unless you are fully committed, prepared to take responsibility, and ready to thrive and flourish. It may feel scary and uncomfortable at first, but the outcome will far exceed your …

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