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This is some of the inspiring feedback received from our personal clients over the last few years:

“When I met Melissa I was uncertain about key aspects of my personal life as well as my career. Over our sessions, I found that I had a thought partner – someone who could help me articulate my thoughts, what I wanted from life and how to get it. The supportive, insightful and sometimes challenging conversations pushed me forward to a place where I am very happy. I’m still using some of the techniques to keep me motivated in achieving my goals.”

Claire, Exective Officer, Oxford, March 2013


Thank you so much for your help over the past couple of years - it’s been an incredible journey & the coaching has really helped catapult me to where I am today!”
Jenny Unsworth, Bristol, February 2011

Melissa has been a great asset to me in helping to shape my vision of ideal future. I needed to create a multi-faceted approach to work that embraced earning money for the things I enjoy doing and the opportunity to pursue projects I am passionate about. Melissa’s approach has helped me to identify and activate that ideal by leading me step by step along the way to a structured and practical plan and techniques for removing blockers to action.”
Alan Hayes, Wallingford, May 2011

I suffered from a lack of confidence when it came to making presentations and speaking up in academic seminars. Coaching has been tremendously beneficial in helping me overcome my anxiety. Melissa was very easy to talk to and she had a way of helping me get to the bottom of my confidence issues in order to confront them head on. After a few sessions I noticed a marked improvement in how I approached stressful seminar situations. Throughout our discussions, Melissa helped me identify a set of techniques to help me build up my confidence. I would highly recommend coaching to anyone who faces similar difficulties.”
Martha, researcher at Oxford University, May 2011

Over four coaching sessions with Melissa I’ve progressed from feeling things were chaotic and overwhelming, to living a life I really love. I now know exactly what I need to feel happy and fulfilled and can prioritise my time and activities accordingly. I’m now more confident about spending time alone, and enjoy it! Melissa supported me as I made a big decision to relocate and embark on training for my dream job. The coaching made me feel comfortable that I was making the right decision. Melissa has helped me with techniques to keep myself motivated and focused on the journey to qualifying.”
Jennifer Unsworth, Dursley, November 2010

I feel dynamic, assertive positive and happy with where I am. I don’t think I would have been able to get to this place so quickly without Melissa’s coaching, she has the ability to tap into issues and help you understand what’s at the very core so that you can understand yourself, realise where/how your not handling things too well and then make the change. Melissa has also taught me to choose my battles, to be able to walk away from things that I know I don’t want, that is very powerful too. I am now in a very comfortable and happy place at work, through coaching with Melissa, I have developed the tools I need to deal with challenges in my life, at work and at home. Now I know I can achieve anything I want.”
Kam Chovet, Isleworth, 2010

I enjoy talking to you. I feel more open.”
Coaching client at The Citizen’s Trust, January 2010

A very useful exchange of ideas. Well worth doing. I’ve never spoken about myself in such detail.”
Coaching client at The Citizen’s Trust, January 2010

Before meeting Melissa, I felt stuck and unsure of ways to tackle my goals. She has lots of energy, warmth and insightfulness which instantly makes me feel at ease. I feel like I have two minds speaking with her, one which deals with any emotional issues and one that manages logistics relating to my goals. Melissa is very excited about my goals and genuinely committed to supporting me. It’s good to experience a fresh direction in life, which Melissa is helping me to achieve.”
Sam Carbon, June 2009

Melissa’s support as a professional coach has been invaluable. Her matter-of-fact approach to coaching helped me greatly in defining the next stages of my business plan, whilst giving a fresh, objective perspective on where things were going right or not-so-right. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude helped me in pushing my own boundaries and I’m grateful for her honest, no-nonsense advice and feedback.”
Benoit Chovet, RoSoGo.com, London, April 2009

Melissa’s friendly yet direct approach left me feeling focused, calm, and quietly confident – I felt ready to make renewed progress towards my goals.”
WM, Watford, January 2009

Perceptive, encouraging and structured, Melissa’s guidance enabled me to focus on realistic goals. She encouraged me to set realistic and achievable plans and clarify my thinking, and she gave me support and encouragement to move forwards.”
Helen Lang, London, February 2009

Melissa has enabled me to clarify my priorities in my professional life, and created the space to enable me to formulate clear, specific action plans that I simply would not have been able to do alone.”
Vik Mohan, Exeter, December 2008

Absolutely amazing! Very helpful, given me new ideas and ideas that were here, but not progressed on. Melissa gives me real confidence and a boost!”
Coaching client at The Citizen’s Trust, January 2010

At the age of 40 I decided it was time to realise a long held ambition to learn to play the piano but this meant overcoming my excessive self consciousness. Melissa taught me in a sensitive and thoughtful way, showing great patience when my nerves so often got the better of me. She always believed in me and I ended up playing pieces that I never, ever imagined I’d be able to play. She’s an excellent coach and teacher and a really nice person to go with it!”
JS, Nottingham, December 2008

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