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Impetus Coaching has a 100% rebooking rate for its Oxbridge workshops. Here’s why:

Ten out of ten.

It was an outstanding day: the material was of the highest quality but that is only any good if the students can and are inclined to access it. One of Melissa’s most valuable talents is the way in which she can encourage the students to want to get involved and to want to improve.

For many of our cohort, Oxbridge success is something that ‘happens to other people’ but Impetus demystifies and humanises the process, boiling it down to a finite set of variables accessible to every student. In this way, the students come to appreciate that the keys to their future have been in their hands all along, all they have to do is to use them effectively and a new world of alternatives opens up.

By reducing esoteric processes to simple principles, Impetus makes accessible what might otherwise remain the domain of a narrow elite. Doing so improves the confidence of students, making them more inclined to aim higher and to do better when they get there. It also gets them thinking about how reversing the analytical process: how do other people perceive and assess what they do? For many, this is a new experience.”

Paul Floyd, Director of Studies, Cokethorpe School (2011)

The approach and methods used by Impetus Coaching really challenge the students honestly to examine their own strengths and weaknesses, and to develop the attributes which will enable them to succeed at interview. My students were motivated and enthused by the workshop. It changed them, and it showed them how they can change themselves.”
Greg Warren, Head of Sixth Form, Ashville College, Harrogate

It’s often seen as pushy or big-headed to talk about what you are good at, but with all the competition out there, it’s crucial for our students to feel confident when discussing their strengths. The students really enjoyed the course and benefited from it greatly. They are some of our brightest and best, and the workshop will help them achieve their potential.”
Andy Biggs, Head of Sixth Form, Parmiter’s School, Hertfordshire

This coaching course for our Oxbridge students was expertly planned, tailored and delivered from start to finish and led to a successful outcome of developing confidence in our students.

Melissa combines professionalism, expertise and a very genuine interest in her work such that she tailors her course to the students’ needs both before and during delivery. All the paperwork was clear and set out an action plan to ensure that relevant information was prepared prior to the course day.
During the days Melissa ensured that students remained energised and on task, and they were able to discuss their concerns about interviews in a safe setting.

The range of activities kept the days moving (Saturday after a long week!) and students fed back that they had gained hugely in confidence and understanding relating to the interview process. The second day was adapted to suit the pressing issues facing students, making it a very useful extra session. Melissa’s range of experience and skills made this possible.

I recommend Melissa Mehta and Impetus Coaching as an excellent part of preparation for interviews, dealing with stress and confidence building, whether it be for specific applications (e.g. Oxbridge) or more general personal development.”

Liz Reece, Careers and Higher Education Adviser, St Clare’s, Oxford

The workshop builds skills and confidence, and sends the girls off with a plan to develop further. It was a pleasure to see the girls appreciate what they can do and how they can improve.”
Susan Cubbon, Oxbridge Coordinator, St Albans High School for Girls

Thank you very much for your encouragement and help. It made me get closer to my dream.

I am emailing to thank you once again for your help with the interview preparation. I have finally received my official acceptance letter, and so I figured I should tell you that I did get an offer from Cambridge for Engineering starting in October this year. I even managed to get into the college I initially wanted, so you do deserve a big thank you.

The day of the interviews, I wasn’t feeling nervous about them at all, mainly because I had so much practice before with you. I practised enough that it came kind of natural. I think the best advice you gave was to see it as a fun adventure/experience!! You should definitely keep telling that to people I think.

Rebecca, student, St Clare’s

The workshop really helps to improve confidence for interview and to know what to expect. It means you can prepare more constructively.”
Student, St Albans High School for Girls

It’s really good at boosting your confidence and helps you realise what will be in your interview – what to expect.”
Student, St Albans High School for Girls

It addresses fear, which is the first way to start to combat it. It is so useful to learn about body language and interview techniques for life in general.”
Student, St Albans High School for Girls

The workshop opens your mind to how people react to what you say and how you communicate your ideas. Thorough understanding these reactions you can become a more successful interviewee and your chances of getting an offer improve considerably”.
Ravi Raja, student, Parmiter’s School

It helped me become more confident about the interviews, to understand what will happen there and to improve my thinking on matters I find difficult to talk about.”
Charlotte Stray, student, Parmiter’s School

It was particularly useful in building my confidence and reassuring me about something I knew relatively little about – the interview itself.”
Thomas Papworth, student, Ashville College

It is a fantastic way to bring to light the areas you most need to work on in preparation for interview.”
Becky Floyd, student, Ashville College

A really fun, engaging and useful day! James Macaulay, ACS Egham

I really enjoyed myself, I gained confidence and learnt skills I can use for the rest of my life. It is a ‘wish someone had told me this before’ that came true. I can concentrate on more important things in my interview now that I know the basics. Thank you. (This should be a voluntary part of the school curriculum. It should be offered to anyone so they can benefit from it).
Hayley Cowan, student, Parmiter’s School

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