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Multiply the resources that money can’t buy

Are you and your business often ambushed by events? Do you rarely stick to your plans? Are important tasks left neglected? If you undervalue your time and energy, so will everyone else. This causes stress and wastes resources, leaving you with little flexibility to respond to new opportunities.

Impetus Coaching will help you develop practical ways to manage your most precious resources, time and energy. You’ll improve your time management in a way that feels easy and motivating. You’ll confidently prioritise your high value, high importance tasks. You’ll have the capacity to fully exploit unexpected opportunities, to the benefit of your business.

Impetus Coaching has eight years’ experience supporting people to become more effective in their work. Prioritising your key tasks and holding yourself accountable will become second nature. This will benefit your team, your clients and your business.

When you’re ready to explode your potential, call us or email.

“Melissa has enabled me to clarify my priorities in my professional life, and created the space to enable me formulate clear, specific action plans that I simply would not have been able to do alone”. Vik Mohan, Exeter

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