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in 5 to 10 minutes

For an injection of energy, understanding and motivation, show them this three minute film. The language is strong in parts, and so is the effect. It wakes up the cool, clever, determined kid residing in each of us. Here’s a less sophisticated alternative without any swearing.

Once they’ve watched the video, ask them to *think, pair and share around these questions:

What seems like a struggle at the moment?

What’s stopping you?

What could you do about it?

What else could you do?

Come up with three more possibilities.

Where could you get help?

Who could you ask for help?

What will you do next?

Have them share their action points with their partner, or in the group, perhaps writing them on a shared poster. Explain you will check in with them on progress the next day/week.

*It’s important for the internal thinkers and introverts to have some time to cogitate before sharing their ideas in pairs, or in the group. They may want to jot down the ideas first, which will make it more likely they’ll share them with the class.

If you have a little more time to play with, consider taking another approach.

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