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Getting them going

Some easy and fun ways to support students struggling to finish (or start) their personal statements (or anything else that provokes procrastination) .

If you have 5 to 10 minutes…. here’s an idea involving You Tube.

If you have 20 minutes…. here’s an idea involving a giant sheet of paper.

If you have 40 mins to an hour…. here’s an idea involving marshmallows and spaghetti.

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in 5 to 10 minutes

For an injection of energy, understanding and motivation, show them this three minute film. The language is strong in parts, and so is the effect. It wakes up the cool, clever, determined kid residing in each of us. Here’s a less sophisticated alternative without any swearing. Once they’ve watched the video, ask them to *think, pair and …

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in 20 minutes

To generate some confidence, first have them convince themselves they know exactly what to do: 1. Find an unusual method of information capture (I like taping together flipchart sheets to make a huge blanket of paper – on which students can sit, lie, scribble and move around to read others’ writing – and big thick …

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in 40 to 60 minutes

This is the marshmallow challenge. It can be a little messy, and is fun, energising and very effective. Without telling them what this is about, break the students into groups of 3 – 5. Each group needs a table, 20 strands of raw spaghetti (regular kind), a metre of masking tape and a marshmallow. They …

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Unblocking the stuck nonsense

Explain to the group they’re going to eradicate their stuckness, which is blocking all the valuable brilliance which is obviously inside their heads. Make sure the students are armed with their favourite pen and something comfortable to write on. Explain they’re about to do something that might feel uncomfortable to start with but will have …

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