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Find the missing ingredient for entrepreneurial success

Do you have an ambitious vision of the future that you really believe? Is it compelling enough to get you out of bed in the morning? Or are you feeling lost, deflated and beaten?

After setting visions with more than 100 clients, Impetus Coaching knows you’ll be motivated, energised and confident after a glimpse of the future. It acts as a compass to point you in the right direction, and a yardstick for measuring progress.

Impetus Coaching’s vision process will help you discover exactly what makes you tick and what drives you. By honouring these ‘core values’, you and your business will flourish and thrive. You will be persistent and enthusiastic when everyone else is ready to give up.

If you want to create a compelling vision of the future, give us a call or send us an email.

Melissa has been a great asset to me in helping to shape my vision of ideal future. Melissa’s approach has helped me to identify and activate that ideal by leading me step by step along the way to a structured and practical plan and techniques for removing blockers to action. Alan Hayes, Wallingford (client number 118)

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