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Develop your edge, sharpen your message

We can’t help but communicate all the time. We communicate by talking, and by not talking. We communicate by short sharp email, and long phone calls. We communicate in the way we choose to eat our lunch and the way we dress.

Poor communication risks sending the wrong signals to our team, our clients and ourselves. Impetus Coaching knows communication affects everything you do, either undermining or reinforcing your efforts.

We run deliver one-to-one coaching, and deliver communication workshops across the UK, helping people work out how they want to be seen and heard. Our clients discover how other people perceive them, particularly in high pressure situations.

Impetus Coaching gives you the freedom to experiment and take risks with your communication by practising in a safe, supportive environment. Positive feedback enables the fine tuning of the most subtle changes, bringing significant results.

Develop awareness of how and why you communicate. Make sure that everything you do, amplifies your message. Call us or drop as an email today.

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