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Be an outstanding leader and improve everyone’s performance

Are you leading your team or herding kittens? Do people just not understand what you want them to do? Is it easier to take care of everything yourself? Failing to harness your team’s full capacity wastes time, effort and money, and leaves everyone frustrated.

Impetus Coaching will help you ensure your team shares your vision of success. By understanding what motivates them, you’ll know how to get what you want from them. As your team’s loyalty, enthusiasm and expertise builds, they’ll be able take on greater levels of responsibility and use their initiative in line with your vision.

Motivation, creativity and productivity will improve. Your team’s expertise and skills will meet the needs of you and your business. You’ll be free to take on greater challenges, knowing you have the right people in place to deliver.

With eight years’ experience of supporting remote teams in a high pressure environment, Impetus Coaching will help you get the most out of your people. If you want to stop managing with coping strategies, and start leading with excellence, call us or send us an email.

“[Melissa] has brought another dimension to the team as an objective sounding board, and has prompted us to generate new ideas. She’s brought her own ideas, and spread enthusiasm and confidence. Her input on establishing lines of communication …. has been superb.” Ryan Schofield, London


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