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Here are some resources I’ve developed in response to requests from clients. Please feel happy to share and pass on! I’d love to hear what works and what could be better. Give me a shout if you have a particular challenge you’d like to discuss.

Getting them going. How to help people struggling with procrastination, over writing their personal statement (or anything else)

How do I work out my strengths?

Oxbridge interview success forum

Oxbridge interview FAQs

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Be an outstanding leader and improve everyone’s performance

Are you leading your team or herding kittens? Do people just not understand what you want them to do? Is it easier to take care of everything yourself? Failing to harness your team’s full capacity wastes time, effort and money, and leaves everyone frustrated. Impetus Coaching will help you ensure your team shares your vision …

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Develop your edge, sharpen your message

We can’t help but communicate all the time. We communicate by talking, and by not talking. We communicate by short sharp email, and long phone calls. We communicate in the way we choose to eat our lunch and the way we dress. Poor communication risks sending the wrong signals to our team, our clients and …

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Find the missing ingredient for entrepreneurial success

Do you have an ambitious vision of the future that you really believe? Is it compelling enough to get you out of bed in the morning? Or are you feeling lost, deflated and beaten? After setting visions with more than 100 clients, Impetus Coaching knows you’ll be motivated, energised and confident after a glimpse of …

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Multiply the resources that money can’t buy

Are you and your business often ambushed by events? Do you rarely stick to your plans? Are important tasks left neglected? If you undervalue your time and energy, so will everyone else. This causes stress and wastes resources, leaving you with little flexibility to respond to new opportunities. Impetus Coaching will help you develop practical …

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Nurture your number one resource

How are you? No, really, how are you? How stable is your work/life balance? When your work/life balance is out of whack you are left frustrated or feeling guilty. Prioritising your commitments is a constant challenge, leaving you tense and exhausted. Important tasks aren’t given the time and energy they deserve. Your efforts at work …

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Unblock the biggest obstacle to your success

Are you frustrated by the way your business is going? Is something holding you back? Do you often feel stuck and full of regret? This negative spiral can be catastrophic. It gradually saps confidence and motivation, undermining your business and leaving you unfulfilled. It attacks your ability to succeed. Working with Impetus Coaching, you’ll establish …

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Getting them going

Some easy and fun ways to support students struggling to finish (or start) their personal statements (or anything else that provokes procrastination) . If you have 5 to 10 minutes…. here’s an idea involving You Tube. If you have 20 minutes…. here’s an idea involving a giant sheet of paper. If you have 40 mins …

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