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Schools Workshops

Schools WorkshopImpetus Coaching works with schools across the UK, helping students preparing for their interviews at Oxford, Cambridge and other elite universities. They discover how to walk into their interview, confident of communicating their potential.

The dynamic, fun and high-impact workshop teaches simple and practical techniques for dealing with challenging questions, communicating ideas clearly, and ensuring nerves do not disrupt interview performance. Participants learn indispensable skills for interview, and for life.

During the full day session, students learn ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ to conquer fear, build self-belief and stretch their comfort zone. They practice challenging questions in interview trios and take part in the body language challenge.

The students finish their day by writing a confidential letter to themselves to capture their elevated level of confidence. We post the letter back to them ahead of their interview.


During the one-day workshop, participants work in pairs, trios and as a group, under Impetus Coaching’s positive and constructive learning structure, designed to achieve rapid progress.

Theory – Highly focused content outlining the key ingredients of each skill

Practice – Students are on their feet developing their skills in a safe environment

Feedback – Progress is multiplied by learning from each others’ successes

Students are taught how to continue their progress by supporting each other in coaching trios. This model cements learning for long term benefit, at interview, and in life.

Course outline:

Introduction and warm up, Self assessment, Jedi mind tricks, Ideal interview candidate, Smart cookie, Wow factor, Feedback 101, Interview practice, Flight plan, Letter to myself, Re-assessment

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