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Oxbridge Interviews

Your interview for a place at Oxford, Cambridge or another elite university, might be the biggest challenge you’ve ever encountered.

The mythology surrounding the interviews, plus the pressure to perform in an unfamiliar environment, can rattle even the most confident of candidates.

To do yourself justice, you will be confident of communicating your characteristics and strengths in a way which relates to what the interviewer is looking for.

Impetus Coaching can help you:

  • experience interview questions under pressure
  • receive constructive and supportive feedback
  • understand what the interviewer is looking for
  • assess current strengths and identify unique characteristics
  • practice communicating in a way that feel right
  • learn how to think and perform confidently under pressure
  • develop tactics for answering challenging questions
  • create a plan for continuous development

Impetus Coaching provides small group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions for students preparing for an Oxbridge or other competitive interview.

We have a 100% rebooking rate from our client schools across the UK. Find out why.

Read about our experience of Oxbridge and the very successful interview which prompted the creation of this course.

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Private Coaching

Schools Workshops

Impetus Coaching works with schools across the UK, helping students preparing for their interviews at Oxford, Cambridge and other elite universities. They discover how to walk into their interview, confident of communicating their potential. The dynamic, fun and high-impact workshop teaches simple and practical techniques for dealing with challenging questions, communicating ideas clearly, and ensuring …

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Private Oxbridge coaching

In addition to Oxbridge interview workshops, Impetus Coaching provides one-to-one coaching sessions for prospective Oxbridge students in the UK and all over the world. Sessions are suitable for all students expecting a university admissions interview. The client receives a customised course of sessions to build their confidence and communication skills, and practice answering interview questions …

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post it notes

Oxbridge interview FAQs

Here we answer some frequently asked questions from students preparing for their interviews at Oxford, Cambridge, and other elite universities. We’re working through a list of FAQs and welcome more questions, so do contact us with whatever you were eager to know but scared to ask! How useful is it to refer to my extra-curricular …

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Review of Flying Start day by participants

Sixth form inductions with Impetus

This year, Impetus Coaching was delighted to be asked by Tudor Hall school in Banbury to develop a sixth form induction day to ensure the cohort of 50 girls achieved a strong start to their A level studies. The “Flying Start Day” used Brain Friendly Learning techniques, including dynamic and fun exercises, games and competitions, …

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