Apr 28

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Oxford Life Coach: Eat a tadpole

On the average ‘to do’ list there are plenty of happy, little tasks which are easy to tick off (for me these include buying stationery, replying to emails, tidying).

In contrast, there are a few big uncomfortable tasks which glare out (uncomfortable telephones calls, decision making, burning bridges), lurking day after day, as we distract ourselves with the easily-tickables.

The trouble is that while those lurking tasks might appear immobile and ignorable, they are steadily building inertia and brewing trouble. The longer we leave them, the more intractable they become. The moment we least expect it, they rear up and bite us, causing all manner of problems.

The solution is to see those tasks as frogs. Yep, go with me here. Firstly, friendly frogs don’t seem nearly as threatening as lurky tasks. Secondly, the sooner you deal with a frog, the easier it is. A little froglet is a cinch. A big old slimy monster of an amphibian is more tricky. There’s a clear incentive to act early. Once you get the hang of it, you can eat up the tasks while they are still tadpoles and you won’t even flinch.

A frog a day helps you do serious damage to that to do list. They are most palatable straight after breakfast.

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