Aug 05

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Oxford Life Coach: Motivating mates

How to get motivated is a question that’s often raised in coaching sessions and workshops. The trick is to know what motivates us personally. And then to do it. (The second part is always the crux.)

One simple (and potential really fun) technique is buddying up. That is finding a friend with similar interests and agreeing to support each other to stick to our plans.

The buddying approach to motivation works thanks to benign peer pressure and expectation (we all know we’re more likely to drag ourselves out of bed on Sunday morning if we’ve promised to meet our friend at the pool).

There are several variations, which can be modified for purpose and environment. In the past I’ve emailed a bunch of mates, telling them about the big hairy scary things I’m going to achieve that week, and promising to report back at a designated time to declare my success. They were given full nagging rights if I failed to check in. Because they’re a supportive bunch they responded encouragingly. It worked a treat.

An alternative is to meet regularly with a buddy and report progress, share challenges and cultivate focus. Knowing we’ll have to check in with another person weakens the power of procrastination. We know we’re going to have to justify our inaction.

Picking an encouraging and like-minded buddy is important. If we know they’ll celebrate our successes and help unblock any sticking points, we’re more likely to persevere and succeed.

What do you do to keep (or get) yourself motivated?

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