Jun 21

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My daughter is really shy, would she cope with Oxbridge?

There are plenty of introverted, quiet people at Oxbridge (and everywhere else). In addition, Oxbridge houses a particularly spectacular collection of people who are a bit different, who prefer books/test tubes to people, and stand (quietly) apart from the crowd.

Years ago, one of my coaching colleagues was interviewed (for modern languages at Cambridge) by a woman who successfully avoided making eye contact by hiding behind a clipboard for the entire interview.

Before I decide whether to work with someone to help them prepare for their Oxbridge interview, I establish the following:

  • Do they have the predicted grades?
  • Do they love their subject?
  • Do they have the right kind of brain?

Levels of confidence and social ease are incidental.

If it looks like shyness will get in the way of a successful interview, we can help the candidate explore ways they can feel more comfortable while establishing their credentials and suitability for Oxbridge success.



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