Jun 21

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Which Oxbridge college should I apply to?

Don’t waste time looking at the stats and working out the ratio of applicants to places at each college and picking one accordingly. You won’t be the only one doing that, and the stats will fluctuate next year accordingly.

If you’re deemed to be a strong candidate and there aren’t enough places at your chosen college you will be offered up to another college. And anyway, this falls into the category of ‘things you cannot control’ and is therefore distracting.

Find a college that you think would suit you, or that feels good to be in.

Here are some notes from my colleague Liz Reece, who is a UCAS application genius, on some criteria to consider when picking a college.

o   Is there 24 hour library access?
o   Look at the college’s facilities- library, gym and sports
o   Architecture? Remember that the more picturesque may also be the most popular
o   Proximity to town centre and faculty
o   Numbers of students reading your chosen subject?
o   Reputation and numbers of research fellows in your subject?
o   What are the rooms like?

It’s also worth bearing in mind you’re highly likely to have a brilliant time wherever you end up.Cambridge University oxbridge ucas application interview personal statement

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