Jul 31

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Preparing for hiccups


In my initial exploration of a new understanding of the world that has completely transformed my life (and those of my clients), I encountered some hiccups.

Looking back, these hiccups seem ridiculously funny. But at the time, they felt like the most unfair, intractable problems the world has seen. Ever.

I had caught a glimpse of something that would, it seemed, transform my life. And yet I didn’t really get it.

To start of with, when I first started hearing the details, this supposedly paradigm-shifting understanding seemed, for me, not so much of a big deal. For those well versed in self-help, it can initially sound like ideas we’ve already heard before (in many different guises, some with an accompanying CD, a pull-out wall chart and a 7 step plan for happiness).

But this is completely different. There’s nothing to do. It’s a bit like seeing an optical illusion – once you see it, you can’t un-see it, and you don’t have to ‘do anything’ to keep your new perspective. There is no need for a wall chart.

A second hiccup. Once I realised that this understanding changed my view of everything I’d learnt before (and worked so hard at mastering – at least some of the time) I got into a bit of a strop. How dare anyone come along and try and re-arrange my world view?

In retrospect this response was entirely natural, given my thinking about what I believed all of this new understanding meant. Which leads me to the third hiccup.

“This understanding changed my view of everything”. I kept hearing this from people and felt scared. The things we “know” to be true in any moment can feel very precious to us. We believe this knowledge has worked fairly well up until now thank you very much. We have a lot invested in them. May be we don’t want to let go.

I worried that the new understanding would render my entire previous existence – never mind my business plan – obsolete.

And then I began to get it. It started to fall into place in my life of its own accord, with no need for a complete re-write of everything.

We don’t need to let go of anything until it makes sense to do so.

Like automatic updates on a computer, with every new deepening of this understanding, the old applications still work for as long as you need them to. It’s backwards compatible.

And finally, of course there’s no way to prepare for hiccups. The trick is not minding so much when they appear, and knowing they’ll disappear again of their own accord, or we’ll have the wisdom to deal with them.

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