Feb 28

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“I am me”

My muse this week is a chap called Frank, whose calm presence has inspired several interesting conversations in the training room. Frank comes with a great deal of experience in delivering major projects, with a side order of calmness and jollity.

Given his successes, I was keen to learn more about Frank’s thinking, and his approach to dealing with the inevitable bumpy road ahead of a ‘go live’ on a major change programme.

He pointed to a flipchart created by delegates exploring their thoughts about the uncertainty they are feeling. They’d created a list of things about which they ARE certain, and had included the phrase “I am me”.

Frank said this is what he keeps coming back to. The success (or otherwise) of our work does not affect the fact “I am me”. ‘Bad’ or unsuccessful work (or rather work we think is unsuccessful) does not make us a ‘bad’ or unsuccessful person. “I am me”. This is an immovable point to anchor from when we are experiencing stormy seas.

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