Jan 31

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The clarity barometer


Sometimes life feels exceptionally complicated, and other times life feels very, very simple. Although it seems like the difference between these two situations lies in the ‘real world’ of our existence, it turns out – on closer inspection – the difference actually exists inside us.

That feeling of complication or simplicity is a barometer measuring the quality of our thinking about stuff. When the barometer generates uncomfortable feelings of overwhelm, complication, friction, difficulty, sadness (take your pick), we know that our thinking is not doing us any favours. It’s at these times we do well to ignore ourselves for a bit.

Or not. There’s actually no need to do (or not do) anything about this at all.

Without any effort on our part, our thoughts will just keep coming. Sooner or later we’ll start feeling that sense of simplicity, calm, liberation (take your pick again!). This is our barometer telling us we’re tapping into some resourceful mojo. It’s at these points I’ve found that if I pay attention to myself again, exceptionally wonderful things happen.

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