Jan 31

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Impossible to miss

Convalescing after a week in the clutches of swine flu, I was feeling a bit grumpy about missing out on some interesting opportunities. I was worrying about being ‘falling behind’.

An important and wise person told me it’s impossible to ‘fall behind’ as the world is constantly revolving. We’re continually inundated with new opportunities coming around constantly. Taking the decision to ‘miss out’ on something today creates space for another completely new thing to present itself. What’s more, if we hadn’t said ‘no’ today, the other new thing wouldn’t have been possible (and we’d never have known about it).

This conversation served to remind me there’s an infinite source of exceptionally good stuff being presented to us, and all we have to do is follow the urge to grab it when the time feels right.

Oink to that.

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