Aug 30

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Life can be much like my fridge

Sometimes, at the end of a busy week, the fridge looks pretty bare. There’ll be a sad looking bag of carrots, some left over rice, perhaps couple of dollops of hummus and some yoghurt.

I’m a bit of a kitchen fiddler. I love to potter around with ingredients and try out different combinations. And I know, however random and unlikely a combination my fridge offers up, it has the makings of a delicious meal. All I have to do is let go of the hunger-induced thoughts of desperation, and start grating, chopping and fiddling around. Then something strange happens.

It suddenly becomes apparent there’s a half a slightly dehydrated packet of tortilla wraps at the back of the cupboard. Et voila. I have everything I need (most importantly the inspiration) for a hot and spicy Gujarati carrot salad wrap. In case I was in any doubt the universe is helping me out, a jar of mango pickle will reveal itself.

Trusting that something delicious would come together (even though I didn’t know what) and just getting stuck in, results in a far superior outcome than an uninspired dash down to Sainsbury’s (which is likely to result in a cheese sandwich)(with pappy bread).

This is where my fridge is a lot like life. Sometimes I don’t know what to do, and I have nothing to do it with (or so I think). If I can bring myself to just start, even when I don’t know the outcome, and certainly don’t have a plan, when I trust and commit, and know that everything will fall into place, it does. Stuff just shows up. People, ideas, things. Inspiration.

Very often the spontaneous, thrown together ideas (whether for supper or for life) end up being the most delicious.

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