Jul 25

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Seven brilliant possibilities for the summer

Late July reminds me of the excitement and relief of the end of term. School shoes disappear under the bed in favour of bare feet, alarm clocks are redundant and icecream becomes a valid mealtime choice.

If it’s possible to slow down for a few weeks, perhaps now’s the time to take advantage of the extra space. What can we do that we don’t normally do? My usual approach is to hammer through ‘to do’ lists (with harrumphs of resentment) until I hit exhaustion and then feel guilty for lying in the sun. I’m discovering going with the flow, and doing what I feel like doing,  seems to be a wiser approach (and ultimately more productive).  Here’s where the flow’s taking me so far…

Resting: Hanging out,  listening to music, watching twelve episodes of West Wing back to back, taking an afternoon nap. Rewarding myself.

Organising: Desk/finances/books/schedule/stationery/fridge/under-the-stairs-cupboard/cutlery drawer/sports kit. Spring cleaning is overrated. Summer’s where it’s at. Shiny neatness makes everything easier.

Reading: Whatever draws me in. Heading to the book shop or library and following my nose. Intimidating tasks can be conquered by generating momentum reading something utterly compelling. And come to think of it….

Playing: The creative, critically thinking, intellectually excitable, brilliant part of our brains operates best when it’s singing, dancing and running through the mental equivalent of waves breaking on the beach. Giving it some fun. That something feels onerous is NOT an indication of value.

Honouring: … core values. Connecting with whatever’s important to me and my mojo. What makes my heart sing? Today I had an urge to try aikedo.

Savouring: Being in the moment.  Outside, feeling the sun on my face and listening to the wind in the trees. Connecting with reality (whatever that is) right this second. The past and the future do not exist.

Reflecting:...on the bigger picture. Outside the normal groove, stepping back and listening to the whispers that tell me what’s really important.



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