Jul 21

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“Your brain listens to your mouth!”

“No”, she shrieked. “Don’t say that. Your brain listens to your mouth! Your brain listens to your mouth!”.

Gemma is admonishing her friend for declaring “I’m tired” (on an elongated out breath accompanied by a slumping of shoulders).

After an intense day-long workshop encompassing such excitements as blindfolded trustwalks, conflict crunch challenges, and the task of engineering the ideal form tutor, it could be argued that fatigue was justifiable.

But the neuroscience is clear. We have far more control over out state/mood/mojo than we think. And one way of exerting control is by watching our language.

If we do “I’m tired” a lot, the brain knows how to react and the body follows suit. We become very good at being tired. We can equally decide “I’m angry/excited/calm/awesome/depressed/fine”. But why be fine when you can be awesome?.

Your brain listens to your mouth.


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