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About Us

Impetus Coaching is based in Oxford and London. We provide one-to-one coaching sessions in person in London and Oxford, and by phone and Skype nationally and internationally. We also deliver presentations, workshops, and team training in schools and businesses across the UK.

Melissa Mehta, Founder

Melissa MehtaMelissa learnt how to change her thinking and behaviour, to ensure performance and success, while successfully studying at Cambridge University (2000). She was diagnosed with ME weeks before her Cambridge interview, and was accepted to read Natural Sciences at St Catharine’s after receiving a ‘double E’ conditional offer.

After graduating and while returning herself to robust health, Melissa embarked on a career in science/political journalism. She expanded her understanding of personal and team development while leading a remote team of reporters working in the high pressure environment of online news.

Building on her experience of people development, Melissa founded Impetus Coaching in 2008. She enjoys working with people who are excited by the prospect of improving their performance and enjoyment in life.

Melissa trained with Newcastle College, and is an Associate Member of the Association of Coaching, abiding by their ethics framework.

Melissa was born and brought up in Hertfordshire, and has lived in Bedford, Cambridge, Nottingham, London, Oxford and Honolulu. While enjoying the island paradise of Hawaii, her marriage broke down. She eventually returned to the UK and divorced. She’s happy to share her experience, as she feels we all learn the most from our most difficult times.

Melissa is a keen cook, gardener and musician, taking any opportunity offered to play or sing. Her most recent passion is skiing, which she feels is a physical metaphor for personal development. In life, and in skiing, Melissa enjoys launching herself down the mountain and stopping every now and again for a hot chocolate.

Claire Emmott, Head of Creative Thinking

Claire is a lynchpin at Impetus Coaching. She has a knack for generating ideas and opportunities, and has the organisational brain needed to make things happen. She also has an uncanny knack of randomly turning up exactly when you need her.

Claire comes from Yorkshire and has worked in Italy, Ireland, France, Russia and the USA. She has a background in marketing, administration and training, and has worked with learners of all ages from three to 75, including Olympic skiers, business professionals, doctors and actors. She loves organising events, marketing and communications work. As well as working with Impetus Coaching she supports a number of coaches with their businesses.

Claire firmly believes that variety is the spice of life. She’s recently worked on a peace-building programme dealing with Western Sahara, helped run an Irish comedy festival, sung on stage at an Italian rock concert, assisted with a series of children’s peripatetic drama workshops, taken Italians to New York, taught at a cement factory in Russia, and appeared on the stage in France.

Claire has a passion for climbing mountains, having adventures and travelling abroad. Her latest big adventure, motherhood, started in 2010.

Alex Hands, Head of Coaching Development

Alex holds a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from Cambridge University and a PGCE in Secondary English from the University of East Anglia. Specialising in individual tuition, Alex developed a keen interest in the impact of psychology on education, and went on to train in NLP-based Coaching.

She has combined these skills over the past few years to work very effectively with individual students in order to increase their academic performance, as well as their confidence and sense of emotional well-being.

When she’s not having brilliant ideas for workshops or coaching interventions, Alex likes cycling through muddy woodland, swimming in the sea and looking at sunflowers.

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