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Impetus Coaching helps people to explode their potential by better understanding themselves.

We believe our clients can achieve anything they really want. We believe our biggest obstacle is ourselves, so we are capable of overcoming anything. We believe we can all benefit from better communication. We believe everyone is capable of feeling confident. We believe leading a team should be a joy. We believe success is personal.

We believe that by understanding ourselves and others better, we flourish.

If you like the sound of this, please call or email us.

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Key piece of advice for Oxbridge candidates #1

The best piece of advice any one gave me as a prospective Oxbridge candidate was listen to BBC Radio 4. My listening prompted me to read a book that I referenced in my personal statement, and fuelled a brilliant conversation during my interview. Radio 4 listening serves two purposes. The intellectual debate on the current affairs programmes …

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Struggling to find balance? Here’s the answer (to that and everything).

Here’s a question – originally posed on social media – and answer (written by me) which encapsulate everything you need to understand why people struggle (with anything) and how to perform better. It’s the conversation that underpins all of my work. It can take on many distinct themes, from relationships, anxiety, and confidence, to team work, leadership or decision making. But whatever the …

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